Lead singer and guitarist Chad Kroeger of Nickelback during a Rock in Rio 2019 concert in Rio de Janeiro.

Nickelback’s feature-length documentary, titled Hate To Love: Nickelback will be hitting theaters worldwide for two nights only: March 27 and 30. Tickets are currently on sale now.

Directed by British filmmaker Leigh Brooks, the documentary made its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival last September. The career-spanning film explores Nickelback’s rise to the top of the charts, as well as the backlash that has followed the Canadian band despite its overwhelming commercial success.

Hate To Love: Nickelback tells the story of Nickelback and “celebrates the loyalty of Nickelback fans and delves into the years of online vitriol.”  A press release from the band reads: “We are very excited to finally bring this film to theatres this spring. It’s been a long road to get this project across the finish line and we must thank [producer] Ben Jones and [director] Leigh Brooks for all of their hard work. We hope everyone enjoys our story – fans, friends or otherwise.”

Trafalgar Releasing will be distributing the feature-length presentation to over 1,350 locations across 30 countries. Kymberli Frueh of Trafalgar Releasing said via the press release: “Nickelback has been such an influence on our music culture throughout the years. We are thrilled to bring the story of their journey to stardom and the importance of their passionate fans’ support through the decades to cinemas worldwide.”

For more about the theatrical release of Hate to Love: Nickelback, head to the documentary’s website.
Watch the trailer for Hate to Love: Nickelback here.

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