Slipknot shared an official statement announcing that they have parted ways with keyboardist Craig Jones. The band wrote on social media: “To our fans, Slipknot is announcing that we have parted ways with Craig Jones. We wish Jones all the best for the future.”

Jones, also known as 133 in the band, was designated at No. 5 amongst the nine-member group. He joined the band’s lineup in early 1996, shortly after the group had finished recording of their demo album Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. Jones was initially brought on board to take over for Donnie Steele, one of the band’s guitarists, but he eventually transitioned to a spot sampling and playing keyboards for the band. Jones appeared on all of Slipknot’s seven studio albums — from their 1999 self-titled LP, to 2022’s The End, So Far, and was the second-longest tenured Slipknot member, with only Shawn “Clown” Crahan spending more time with the group.

The news comes on the same day percussionist Clown revealed that he will be sitting out an undetermined amount of upcoming Slipknot shows to tend to his wife who is experiencing “some health issues.” As of press time it was unclear whether the band intend to use a fill-in for Jones, or if they’ll permanently replace him.

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