A designer has created airbag jeans for bikers. The jeans have airbags concealed in the legs. They inflate when a biker goes to the ground. The airbag jeans can be deflated and inflated several times.

Common sense is all over this scam. New Netflix Scam is here. The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about a new Netflix scam. Hackers are sending an email that reads, Due to the pandemic, Netflix is offering everyone a free year of service to help you stay at home. Click the link to sign up. The only thing that has happened lately with streaming service is a price hike. Please don’t fall for it.

Johnson & Johnson hopes to produce 1 million coronavirus vaccines by April. Their vaccine only requires one shot and does not need to be refrigerated like Pfizer and Modernas.

This groom is in trouble. He threw a three-tier wedding cake in his brides face. Kelsey Carson wiped a little of her wedding cake on her husbands face. He responded by picking up their three tier wedding cake and smashing it on her face and head.